Are the Jews today really Khazars?

The Khazars were a people that were located in southern Russia and they had a very powerful kingdom during the middle ages. They were made up of Iranians, Slavs, Turks and some others. It was alleged that the leading Khazars converted to Judaism, but that cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The myth goes on to say that the Central and Eastern European Jews (Germanic or Ashkenazi) are descended from these people and not really Jews. However, most of the population accepted Christianity and Islam. This kingdom fell to other factions and the Khazars intermixed with other populations and lost their distinctiveness. The Jewish population that remained were assimilated into the Slavic-speaking Jewish communities and later by the Yiddish-speaking immigrants of central Europe. There may be a Khazar connection among eastern European Jews of Bulgarian and Hungarian descent, although it is very slight. There is no way to get into all the history here, but let’s get down to the heart of the matter. Supporters of this lie, that the Jews today are really Khazars, believe that claim because they think there was a massive conversion to Judaism. But, even if that were true, it can only be said of the Ashkenazy Jews, which is a very small part of all the ethnic branches of the Jewish people. In reality, nobody can detail Khazar origins to the Sephardic, Yemenite, Mizrachi, Bukharan, Indian, Falasha, African, Chinese Jews and the many other branches off of those that make up the Jewish population in the world. So, whoever tries to destroy the Jewish right to the land of Israel on the basis that these “Jews” are really Khazars has already failed. Even if every Ashkenazic Jew was proven to be a Khazar in reality, all the remaining non-Ashkenazy Jews (some mentioned above) are enough to claim the Land of Israel. The claim by these people, some of which are Christian ministers, that the Jews today are not really Jews is a vacuous argument because most Jews are not of Eastern European ancestry anyway. Israel is made up of Jews from all over the world who absolutely had no contact with the Khazars at all. Their claim to being Jews and having the right to the land of Israel is legitimate and those who oppose them have another agenda. The root of replacement theology is to separate the Jews from their ancestral inheritance and give it to the “church” who have “superseded” the Jews in regards to the things of God according to this theology. That was the position of the Church Fathers and the fledgling religion called Christianity by the fourth century AD.

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