Is America Babylon-Part 2

The Birth-pains is also known as the Tribulation. It is a seven year period of 2520 days. The basic scenario is this. On Rosh ha Shannah, year 6001 from creation, the Natzal, or the catching away/Rapture, will occur. This day begins the thousand year period called the “Day of the Lord.” Ten days later the Birth-pains, or Tribulation period, will begin on Yom Kippur.

So, there is a ten day period in between the Rapture and the beginning of the Birth-pains, and Babylon will be attacked and destroyed sometime during these ten days. There are many things happening during these ten days.  One of these things is the salvation and anointing of the 144,000 Jews who will flee Babylon to Israel first, then to the whole world during the Birth-pains. Micah 5.3-4 says “Therefore he (God) will give them (Israel) up until the time (Birth-pains) when she who is in labor (Israel “birthing” people into  Messiah) has born a child. Then the remainder of his (Messiah) brethren (144,000) will return to the sons of Israel (go back to the land). And he (Messiah) will arise (stand) and shepherd his flock (as High Priest) in the strength of the Lord his God (a term for what the High Priest does on Yom Kippur, the day Yeshua returns).

We see in this verse that the Birth-pains are called that because people are being “birthed” into Yeshua as Messiah (1 Thes 5.3; Isa 13.6-8; Jer 30.4-7; Isa 26.16-27.1). In Rev 12.1-5 we have the Birth-pains of the sun-clothed woman (Israel).  In Isa 66.7-8 it says that “Before she (Israel) travailed (in 70 AD and the destruction of Jerusalem) she brought forth (Yeshua the Messiah); before her pain came, she gave birth to a boy (Messiah-Rev 12.5). Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such a thing? Can a nation be born in one day? Can a nation be brought forth all at once?  As soon as Zion travailed (the start of the birth-pains) she also brought forth her sons (the 144,000 will be saved by the beginning of the Birth-pains).” 

The 144,000 will be saved and anointed by the beginning of the Birth-pains. Rev 7.1-8 says that nothing can happen until they are sealed and they are the “first fruits” purchased from among men (at the start of the Tribulation) to God and to the Lamb. How do these Jewish men get saved. They obviously were not believers at the Rapture because they would have gone, so what happens. Yeshua’s brothers did not believe in him at first (John 7.5) but later some did (Acts 21.18). They saw Yeshua alive after the resurrection and they believed. The same thing will happen with the 144,000. They will see the resurrection at the Rapture and believe.

Paul was an unbeliever one minute, saw Yeshua, and was believer the next minute. It can happen that fast and that’s how it will happen.  Isa 18.3 says “All you inhabitants of the world (living believers) and dwellers in the earth (the dead believers), as soon as the standard (Messiah-Isa 11.10)) is raised on the mountains (for everyone to gather to), you will see it.” 

Isa 13.1-3 says “lift a standard (Messiah-Isa 11.10) on a bare hill, raise your voice to them, wave the hand that they may enter the doors of the nobles (the Rapture). I have commanded my consecrated ones (the believers), I have even called my mighty warriors, my proudly exulting ones to my nose (believers called to be in God’s presence).”

So, we have Israel in labor to bring forth Messiah as a nation and the Jewish people are called to get out of Babylon (Isa 52.7-12). Isa 18 is a prophecy about Cush, and there are two Cush’s. This one is one the Euphrates. This passage was seen by the Rabbi’s in the 1800’s as America.  God says in Jer 50.9 that he will arouse an enemy from the north against Babylon (Jer 51.1-2). Jer 50.10 gives the reason for this destruction.  He says the Chaldeans (Americans) were glad and jubilant and pillaged God’s heritage (Jewish people, Scriptures, the land of Israel- Isa 58.14; Jer 12.7; Isa 47.6; Rom 9.4; Jer 10.2; Matt 7.23). 

There is a book cslled “While Six million Died” and it describes how America could have stopped the Holocaust and didn’t, so there is a precedent. Anti-Semitism will be getting worse in America and the Scriptures are being perverted with replacement theology, liberality and grace over Law, Gay churches and idolatry. Isa 47.8-15 give the reasons for the destruction (a sensual one; will not sit as widow and lose children; sorcery; secure in wickedness; astrology to name a few).  In Jer 50.12 it says that this nation is “the last (acharit) of the nations.” The Jewish sages of the past interpreted this verse to mean “the last of the great Gentile nations in the latter days.”

This nation will not be inhabited and completely desolate (Jer 50.13-16). Antisemitism in the world is described in Jer 50.33 and it will be rampant in America and the Lord will come with a sword, leaving America like Sodom and Gomorrah (Jer 50.34-40).  The results of the destruction will go around the world (Jer 50.41-46).  In Jer 51.1, Lev-Kamai is a term that means “Chaldeans”  in a Hebrew word play called “At-bash.” The Jewish people must flee Babylon before this destruction happens (Jer 51.6). Healing was attempted for Babylon, but it was rejected (Jer 51.8-9). As a result, people must leave or get caught up in her destruction (Jer 51.9-10). Jer 51.11-13 describes a nation surrounded by water, abundant in treasures and covetous.

Rev 18.11-13 says that the merchants weep and mourn over her destruction. Scholarship in the Scriptures is low in America. In the Dark Ages, people were ignorant of the Word of God because the people believed the priests of the Catholic Church who told them what to believe and they couldn’t read it for themselves. We are in a second “dark age” because the people won’t read and study for themselves. They take a few verses to make a “recipe” of their favorite doctrines and come to quick conclusions.

The Prosperity Gospel and the Faith movement is a good example of this. Others are just told to “love the Lord” but they disregard what he says. Matt 22.29  describes this situation perfectly where it says “You are greatly mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures and the power of God.”  Hos 4.6 is quoted a lot by many, but it is misquoted. They say “My people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge” but it really says “My people are destroyed by a lack of “THE” knowledge and because you have rejected “THE” knowledge” God will reject them.

This knowledge is defined later in the verses as the Torah. The Torah is rejected as having been fulfilled and so it has “passed away” and not for today. There are many who believe that God would never destroy this country because it is his base (home plate). They believe that Tulsa, Salt Lake City, Wheaton or Springfield is holy to the Lord.  Everyone is dull and without knowledge (Jer 51.17). 

As a result, the Lord is going to lift up a signal (standard-Isa 11.10; 13.2; 18.3) against her, and these are also Rosh ha Shannah terms (the day of the Rapture). Nations are brought against her (Jer 51.27) and these are identified as the Scythians, the first people of Russia, dating back to at least the 8th century BC.  Russia will attack Israel during the Tribulation because Russia will be having economic troubles. They will be forced to engage the world and go to war. We are seeing this movement already. They will attack Israel for oil and mineral deposits as a start. But, they have two major problems. They want to get rid of Israel for her wealth but in order to do that they must remove America. You must bind the strongman in order to plunder his house (Matt 12.29).

Japan tried to do this when they attacked Pearl Harbor in order to be free to move in the Far East and the Pacific. That’s why FDR moved the fleet to Pearl Harbor.  Jer 51.28-35 describes this future attack. The men of Babylon cease to fight and her gates and bars (defenses) are broken (v 30). The city (nation) has been captured from end to end (v 31). 

In Jer 51.36-40 it says that the Lord will dry up her sea and make her fountains dry. In a nuclear attack, the heat will be over 350 degrees hundreds of miles away and the winds over 500 miles an hour. Even the dust will be driven into the atmosphere.  Babylon will be captured (v 41) and the nations will no longer stream into the country (v 44).  In Jer 51.45 the Lord tells his people to “come forth from her midst”  and in v 46 talks about a report in one year and another in another year. Violence will be in the Land. One can only speculate what this warning is, but there will be some events that will lead the people to start thinking about leaving. 

What is being established here is that a decree has been sent forth (51.27) and Babylon (America) is a vessel fit for destruction. The Jewish people(144,000 and others) are to flee before all this comes and let Jerusalem come to mind.  Before all this happens, the 144,000 must be sealed and that will happen on Rosh ha Shannah because they will see the Rapture/resurrection and believe.  They will be the first fruits of all those saved during the Tribulation (Rev 14.1-4) and nothing can begin until they are sealed (Rev 7.1-3). The Messianic Kingdom of one thousand years begins on Rosh ha Shannah and the 144,000 will see the Rapture and resurrection and believe. They will see, consider, respond and flee to Jerusalem with a message of redemption in Yeshua as the Messiah.

Babylon (America) will be destroyed within the first ten days of the Day of the Lord. If Babylon is America, then Assyria is Russia and Egypt is Europe. So, if you study out the verses given about Babylon so far you will find out that Babylon is a rich, economic giant (Jer 51.13) and last of the great, Gentile nations (Jer 50.12). It has a large Jewish population (Jer 50.8,16,28; 51.6,9,45,50; Isa 48.20; Rev 18.4). It had within her the Word of God (“my heritage”-Jer 50.11,21). It is a land of mingled people and the nations stream into it (Jer 51.44). It sits on many waters (Jer 51.13) and it is a land that the rivers divide (Isa 18.2). It is a land given to pleasure (Isa 47.8 and a treacherous dealer (Isa 21.2;24.16).

We have seen that the land is covetous (Jer 51.13) and a land of idols (Jer 51.17,47). It is called the “hammer” (policeman) of the earth (Jer 50.23) and a land of forts ( marshes were used as defensive “forts”-Jer 51.32). We have also learned that Russia is her enemy (check out the names and origins of the nations mentioned in Jer 51.27). 

In Part 3 of this study, we will pick up here with ancient Assyria and how they had to destroy Babylon before they could invade Israel at the time of Hezekiah. We will then apply this to the prophetic scenario of the Russian attack on America and it’s results in Europe, and how this will bring about the rise of False Messiah.

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