Is America Babylon-Part 3

In Isa 23.13-14 we have the account where Assyria attacks Babylon and the “ships of Tarshish” wail because it is destroyed.  History tells us that Assyria and Babylon were close neighbors. The Babylonians hated the Assyrians and were under them at one time.  Aram is Syria and Paddan Aram is Babylon, Assyria and the northern Arameans. 

The King of Assyria is a man named in the Bible as Sennacherib and he tried to put a man he wanted as king in Babylon. The king was pro-Babylonian and would be more of a “puppet” king. This king was related to Merodach-Baladan, a Babylonian (Isa 39.1). He allies himself against Sennacherib. Sennacherib tries to work things out but they kill his son, so he decides that he is going to destroy Babylon, but he has a problem. They have an alliance in the south with Egypt and Israel. Hezekiah rebels against the Sennacherib and Assyrian rule and Sennacherib wants to punish Judea and Hezekiah, along with Tyre, Sidon and the Egyptians. But, he can’t do that until he deals with Babylon in the north.

The modern historical parallel to this is Russia cannot invade Israel (Ezek 38-39) until it deals with America (Babylon). Sennacherib destroys Babylon. There is much more to this story but the point is, Assyria (Russia) had to deal with Babylon (America) before it could invade Israel. The Assyrians were seen as Gog and Magog by Jewish scholars (Talmud, Sanhedrin 98.b; Everymans Talmud, Chapter 11, p 346) and here is what they said. In Isa 9.7, the word for “increase” in Hebrew is written with a final  “mem” that should only appear at the end of a word, instead of the open “mem” with which it is written.

Hillel, who lived at the time of Yeshua said that this indicated that Hezekiah was possibly the Messiah (due to the final form of the letter “mem”). His detractors criticized him for that view, but the answer he gave was that “the Holy One, blessed be he, wished to make Hezekiah the Messiah and Sennacherib Gog and Magog.” There is definite Talmudic evidence that says that these scholars, over 2000 years ago, saw Assyria as Gog and Magog.  So, that would make Gog and Magog Russia, and the prophecies concerning Assyria would be a picture of Russia.

Rev 18.1-3 talks about how Babylon has made the nations drunk with immorality and the merchants of the earth have made themselves rich because of her. These concepts can be applied to how the nations view America. America is hated and many say that it has corrupted others. It uses the economy to control other nations. There are movies that use these ideas as their premise. One called “The Ugly American” and another is called “Wall Street.”

Can you imagine what some nation would do if they had the opportunity “to get even.”  Rev 18.6 says “Pay her back, even as she has paid, and give back to her double, according to her deeds, in the cup which she has mixed, mix twice as much for her.”  In Rev 18.7-20 we see that there are merchants who are devastated that this nation has been destroyed. They have lost everything because they made there living from Babylon, who is a commercial, rich nation and we know from the context she exists in the last days. 

Jer 50.46 says that “At the shout, Babylon has been seized! The earth has been shaken and an outcry is heard among the nations.” Now compare this with Rev 18.15 where it says “The merchants of these things (v 11-14) who became rich from her will stand at a distance because of the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning.” Now, these merchants of the earth were identified by the ancient Jewish scholars as “merchants who dealt with Babylon” and those merchants were known as Kittim (The Artscroll Series by Mesorah Press on Dan 11.29-30, p 303-304; Targum Onkelos, commentary on Num 24.24 says Kittim is Rome; Encyclopedia Judaica; Talmud, Sanhedrin 106a).

We know from Dan 11.29 that the “ships of Kittim” was Rome because it was the Romans who confronted Antiochus Epiphanes. Now, who would John have seen as the merchants of the earth in Revelation? They were Kittim, or Rome, and Rome is a part of Europe. So the merchants of the earth in Revelation 18 are the merchants of Europe who have made themselves rich by doing commerce with America. Now, when Russia attacks and destroys America right after the Rapture and before the Tribulation begins, fear will grip Europe. The most powerful nation in the world is gone in one hour.

A chain reaction of panic will be seen everywhere. Nobody knows who survived and communication has been cut off. Now, the False Messiah will come out of Europe. Rev 13.1-2 says that a beast with 7 heads, 10 horns and 10 crowns will arise out of the sea (humanity). This beast is known in the Scriptures as Leviathan (Isa 27.1). Leviathan is a 7-headed creature, well known in Jewish eschatology. His heads are crushed in Psa 74.14. We know that the fourth beast in Daniels visions is Rome, and the Roman Empire fell apart but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to put it back together. Charlemagne tried, as did Napoleon and Hitler but they never succeeded.

The False Messiah will also try, and be headquartered in Rome for awhile, before he moves into Israel after Russia is destroyed by the Lord. The False Messiah will come from nowhere. Napoleon led France, but he wasn’t French, he was Corsican. Hitler wasn’t German, but Austrian. The False Messiah will be European and when America falls,  be given authority by the other European nations to save Europe from an attack from Russia because they figure they are next. Here is a possible scenario. America falls and Europe fears they are next.

Russia has tried to take Europe before, and they think they may be next. Each country will send representatives to a meeting and they will have to make some quick decisions. There will be no time for each representative to go back to their respective countries and present proposals to their parliaments for discussion and voting. There is an imminent danger. America is in flames and destroyed and they know Russia did it. They all agree to support a plan if it is offered and reasonable. European nations are basically republics and, like ancient Rome was, you can set apart a “dictator” to lead for a short time because quick decisions are needed (Like the War Powers the President has). 

Rev 17.13 says that these representatives have “one mind” and the False Messiah will be in that meeting. He says that their only hope is to unite, under one leader, and to give that leader full authority. He will say he has a plan (like Joseph did with Pharaoh) to save Europe (Egypt) and he wants them to give him that authority, and he gets it “in one hour.” He will make these representatives a ruler over their respective nations for their cooperation. Babylon’s fall is a catalyst for all this. America’s military forces who are outside of the country will still remain, but they have no home base now. They will ally themselves with the False Messiah and Europe. In Part 4 we will pick up here and continue to present further evidence that America is Babylon.

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