Is America Babylon-Conclusion

In Micah 4.10, there is a prophecy that says “Writhe and labor to give birth, Daughter of Zion, like a woman in childbirth. For now you will go out of the city (Jerusalem). Dwell in Babylon (America) . There you will be delivered, there the Lord will redeem you from the hands of your enemies.”

When this prophecy was given, Assyria was dominant, not Babylon, so we know that it has a deeper meaning. We know  they went to Babylon literally and was delivered and some of the people returned to the land with Ezra and Nehemiah. But, Luke 21.20-24 says that the Jewish people will again go out of the city into all nations because of the Jewish revolt in 70 AD. They would eventually come to America (Babylon) and they will be delivered and return back to the land, but this has not happened yet. This has already been discussed in Part 1-3 of this series, but when the Rapture happens, the 144,000 and will see it and become believers. Jews and Gentiles will leave America before the destruction falls. The word for “delivered” in Mic 4.10 is the word “natzeli” and it is the same word where we get the word “natzal” which is a Hebraic word to describe the Rapture. 

The Birth-pains are described in this verse and it relates to Isa 66.7-9 and this verse has already been discussed earlier in this study. But, it says “there” , in America, is where this redemption begins and they go back to Israel before the destruction comes. In Zech 5.5-11 the prophet sees a vision. An ephah is going forth. A lead cover was lifted up and there was a woman sitting in the ephah. Zechariah is told that this woman is “wickedness” and she was covered up with a lead cover.  Two women came out with the wind in their wings and they lift the ephah up, between the earth and heaven.  Zechariah asks where she was going and the angel said “build a temple for her in the land of Shinar (Babylon) and when it is prepared, she will be set there on her own pedestal.” The ephah is used to measure and is used in commerce.

The woman in Zech 5 is a picture of Semiramis, a Babylonian deity who was given credit for building Babylon, along with her husband Nimrod. In Babylon, she was known as Ishtar (where Easter comes from) and the Queen of Heaven in Jer 44.17-19. Babylon is referred to as a “queen” in Isa 47.7-15. 

In mythology, Nimrod and Semeremis had a son named Tammuz and it was said that Tammuz was a reincarnated Nimrod. He was killed by a boar in winter and a 40 day fast was called to lament his death. They say he is resurrected in the spring and adherents have a feast called the Feast of Semiramis. This is basically the back-round for what became Lent (40 day fast) and Easter (Ishtar/Semiramis).  In Ezek 8.14-15 we see the Jewish people “weeping for Tammuz” at the Temple entrance. The Phoenicians and the Canaanites called Ishtar “Astarte” and in Greek mythology Zeus turns into bull and seduces a mortal woman called Europa (where Europe comes from).

Semiramis, Ishtar, Astarte and Europa are basically the same goddess, depending on the culture. The Statue of Liberty, the most well-known, iconic symbol for America is the Roman goddess Libertas, which is another name for Semiramis, Ishtar, Astarte and Europa. Libertas to the Romans was the goddess of exiles, slaves and prostitutes. This is America’s national symbol. Cicero, a Roman politician, orator and philosopher called her “the mother of Harlots” and she had a temple in Rome. Later, she was the mother of exiles and later immigration. That is why this idol stands in New York harbor and “on her own pedestal” (Zech 5.11).  But, she is a statue that symbolized wickedness, adultery, fornication, murder, lust, sensuality and greed. She is the woman in Zech 5 and Rev 17. This woman in Zech 5 is “suspended between heaven and earth” which is an idiom meaning “judgment.” Absalom was suspended by his hair and judged, Yeshua was suspended between heaven and earth and judgment was upon him, but not for himself.  

With all this in mind, read Rev 17.1-12 again. We started out by talking about the Jewish people going and coming to Babylon (America), but how did it happen. In Isa 11.11 it says that the Lord will recover the Jewish people “a second time” so it will happen again. Jews were taken to Babylon but after 70 years they began to return back. It was a “trickle” at first but soon more came and they began to build. Ezra led a major move back and Nehemiah led the largest group. After about 500 years and the Jewish revolt in 70 AD, God used the Romans to disperse the Jews (Micah 4.10; Luke 21.20-24).

Through the years they went in every direction. Many Jews settled in England “enmasse” and also in Spain. In 1492 they were driven from Spain on the 9th of Av (the same day Christopher Columbus set sail and accidently came upon the new world) When the Catholic Church took over. Some went to Africa across the Mediterranean Sea and some went to Europe. They were persecuted by the Crusaders in Europe  and pushed into Russia, where they stayed.

In the 1880’s, the Russian Orthodox Church urged the Czar to do something about the Jews. They were driven out of Russia by the pogroms and some go to Israel and some to America. This is how many came to America and the first city they came to was New York City. To the Jewish people, New York is seen as “modern Babylon” and there are towns around New York called North Babylon and West Babylon. And, just like in Nehemiah’s time, there are enemies within and enemies without. There are more Jews in America than there are in Israel. Most of the Jewish people stayed in Babylon rather than come back to the land with Ezra and Nehemiah. It is the same today. Jews would rather stay here in “Babylon” than go back to pioneer a nation that is surrounded by enemies.

Soon, the Jewish people will leave this country, but it won’t be because they freely choose to. We have looked at many topics in this study. We have discussed who Babylon is, the Jewish situation and the rise of anti-semitism here. We have looked at the 144,000 being among those who leave and where they will go and what they will do. We have looked at who destroys Babylon, how, the timing and results.

So, let’s review what we have found. America is Babylon for the following reasons. It is a rich, economic giant (Jer 51.13; Isa 13.19); last of the great, Gentile nations (Jer 50.12); the most powerful nation at the time and had defenses that reached into heaven (Jer 51.53); a large Jewish population (Jer 50.8,16,28; 51.6,9.45,50; Isa 48.20; Rev 18.4); Anti-semitism in the land (Jer 52.7-8; a land of mingled people (Jer 51.44; Isa 47.5); sits on many waters (Jer 51.13; Rev 17.1); land that the rivers divide (Isa 18.2); land given to pleasure (Isa 47.8); a treacherous dealer (Isa 21.2; 24.16); filled with pride (Jer 51.58); covetous (Jer 51.13); a land of idols (Jer 51.17,47; Isa 44.17); the hammer (policeman) of the earth (Jer 50.23); nations stream into it (Isa 14.6; 45.20); a land of forts (Jer 51.32=”marshes=forts, good for defense); Russia is her enemy (Jer 51.27=names there are in Russian territory). We started out this study with Jer 50.2 which says that we are to “declare and proclaim” what is going to happen to America. We are in the last days and God will give an ear to many so that they can hear these warnings. We must stand against the rise of anti-semitism here, because it will get worse. Study the Word of God because there’s more Scripture on this subject than any other nation, but don’t get caught up in the timing of all this. We must know “the times” like the sons of Issachar did (1 Chr 12.32; 1 Thes 5.1). Live your life as the Lord leads you and don’t fear the future, we are in God’s hands anyway. Knowing what is coming can be helpful and it will help us deal with what we see coming on this land. Events in recent years only confirms the fact that America is Babylon, and it will fall.

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