Passing Over the Sins Previously Committed-Rom 3.25

This is a very important and interesting verse, and to understand this verse, we have to understand what was going on before the foundation of the world. The Father and Yeshua made a decision concerning what each was going to do when man was created. They knew that Adam would sin, they knew everything beforehand. They didn’t turn to “plan B” when Adam sinned, it was all planned and accounted for. In Rom 3.25 it says that God displayed what Yeshua did on the cross in a public manner. He was a “kipporet” or mercy seat, which means to “cover over” and it is where the word “atonement” comes from and it is referring to the lid on the Ark of the Covenant where the blood was sprinkled on Yom Kippur. The Greek word for “kipporet” is “hilasterion” and that is the word “propitiation” used in this verse. Hilasterion is where we get the word “hilarious” from, so the Lord was “hilariously” satisfied with Yeshua’s sacrifice and through his blood grace is “bursting” forth. Now we know that sin demanded the death penalty. We read in Gen 2.17 that the Lord said “for in the day that you eat (of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) you shall surely die.” In Hebrew it says that “in dying, you shall die” which means that in dying spiritually, they will die physically. But, that isn’t what happened. All those born after Adam sinned and fell short of the glory of God. But some had faith and died physically, but they did not die spiritually and were not forever separated from God like those who did not have faith. There were many righteous ones, by faith, before the cross that the Father kept “safe” from eternal damnation after their death. Here is what happened. It was already decided upon before man was created what Yeshua was going to do and what the Father was going to do. Yeshua was slain before the foundation of the world. The Father had faith (confidence) in what Yeshua was going to do, which was submitting himself to the cross. There was much at stake. Yeshua knew that if he did not go through with the cross, many would have no chance for salvation because the Father meant what he said about spiritual death. If there was no blood, then there is no forgiveness and all would be lost based on Gen 2.17, even those awaiting entrance into Heaven in Sheol at a place called Abraham’s Bosom (it was also called “Paradise”). Yeshua had to vindicate the Father in what he said in Gen 2.17. The believers before the cross were waiting in Sheol for Yeshua to finish his work, which was decided upon before the world was created. Satan, on the other hand, lived up to his name by accusing the Father of lying when he said “in dying you shall die” because many were “saved” before the cross and not lost. This infuriated Satan, so he accused the Lord of not having integrity, of lying and probably anything else he could think of. Well, Yeshua did go through with it and died and was resurrected on First Fruits. His blood was the proof that this was indeed the case and it ratified the New Covenant spoken of in Jeremiah. It also proved that the Father was righteous, correct, good and just by letting death “pass over” the sins previously committed by those in Abraham’s Bosom. And not only that, those who were born after the cross who had faith in Yeshua would have remission of their sins as well. This would silence Satan’s accusations against God, and us, forever. Yeshua is the
kipporet” before God that he “looks through” on our behalf and his grace “bursts forth” through his blood with hilarious satisfaction.

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