Tanak Foundations-Concepts in Jeremiah-Chapter 39

Jer 39.1-18 gives us the tragic account of the taking of Jerusalem after a siege of eighteen months, including the time of year, according to the prophecies of Jeremiah.

v 1…In the ninth year of Zedekiah king of Judah, in the tenth month (of Tevet-10 is the number of judgment), Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and all his army came to Jerusalem and laid siege to it (Zedekiah provoked this by breaking a covenant with Nebuchadnezzar-Jer 52.4. This story is put here to show the exact fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecies),

v 2…in the eleventh year of Zedekiah, in the fourth month (Tammuz-Zech 8.19 talks of this day as being a day of fasting later), in the ninth day of the month, the city wall was breached (18 months after he began).

v 3…Then all the officials of the king of Babylon came in (the city) and sat down at the Middle Gate (a gate in the wall which divided the city of Zion from the lower city, on the north side), Nergal-sar-ezer (prince of fire), Samgar-nebu (sword of Nebo), Sar-sekim (prince of eunichs) the Rab-saris (a title for a chief prince), Nergal-sar-ezer the Rab-mag (chief magician) and all the rest of the officials of the king of Babylon.

v 4…And it came about, when Zedekiah the king of Judah and all the men of war saw them (and that the north side could no longer be held), that they fled and went out of the city at night by way of the king’s garden through the gate between the two walls, and went out toward the Arabah (he went out to the plain of Jericho trying to reach Gilead near where Azal is and near to the spot the Azazel goat was taken later on Yom Kippur).

v 5…But the army of the Chaldeans pursued them and overtook Zedekiah in the plains of Jericho; and they seized him and brought him up to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon at Riblah in the land of Hamath, (Nebuchadnezzar rested there after the siege, near Antioch in Syria. This event and Zedekiah’s capture is a picture of the capture of the False Messiah by Yeshua on Yom Kippur when he returns. The False Messiah will be captured by Yeshua’s “army” on the plains of Jericho as he flees Jerusalem, and he will be cast into the Dead Sea, (called the lake of fire) and he passed judgment on him (punished him for breaking the covenant and for using the power he gave him against Babylon).

v 6…Then the king of Babylon slew the sons of Zedekiah before his eyes at Riblah; the king of Babylon also slew all the nobles of Judah (all of these counseled Zedekiah to not surrender and to hold out, contrary to Jeremiah’s counsel).

v 7…He then blinded Zedekiah’s eyes and bound him in fetters of bronze to bring him to Babylon (Zedekaih was spiritually blind, and alludes to the spiritual blindness unbelievers are in. In 1 Enoch, Azazel is a picture of the false Messiah and he is bound in bronze fetters).

v 8…The Chaldeans also burned with fire the king’s palace and the houses of the people, and they broke down the walls of Jerusalem (everything that they valued was destroyed).

v 9…And as for the rest of the people who were left in the city, the deserters who had gone over to him and the rest of the people who remained, Nebuzaradan (Nebo has given seed) the captain of the executioners carried them into exile in Babylon.

v 10…But some of the poorest people who had nothing, Nebuzaradan the captain of the executioners left behind in Judah, and gave them vineyards and fields at that time (as their own property to cultivate; the justice of God is seen here because these people were the ones oppressed and robbed by the nobles-Jer 22.3).

v 11…Now Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon gave orders about Jeremiah through Nebuzaradan the captain of the executioners, saying,

v 12…”Take him and look after him, and do nothing harmful to him; but rather deal with him just as he tells you (Nebuchadnezzar had heard all about Jeremiah through his officers who had been informed by Jews that Jeremiah had prophesied about the taking of Jerusalem and had advised the king and all the people to surrender; they were also told about how Jeremiah was abused).”

v 13…So Nebuzaradan the captain of the executioners sent word, along with Nebushazban (Nebo delivers me) the Rab-saris (chief prince), and Nergal-sar-ezer the Rab-mag and all the leading officers of the king of Babylon (God took care to reward Jeremiah for his faithful service);

v 14…they even sent and took Jeremiah out of the court of the guardhouse and entrusted him to Gedaliah (Yehovah is great) the son of Ahikam (my brother has risen), the son of Shaphan, to take him home. So he stayed among the people (that were left in the land).

v 15…Now the word of the Lord had come to Jeremiah while he was confined in the court of the guardhouse, saying (this prophecy is before the city fell and after he was taken out of the pit by Eved-melech),

v 16…”Go and speak to Eved-melech the Ethiopian, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, “Behold, I am about to bring my words on this city for disaster and not for prosperity; and they will take place before you on that day (before the siege ended and the outcome unknown, Yehovah remembered the ones who had been kind to Jeremiah).

v 17…But I will deliver you on that day,” declares the Lord, “and you shall not be given into the hand of them men whom you dread.

v 18…For I will certainly rescue you, and you will not fall by the sword; but you will have your own life as booty, because you have trusted in me (he will see with his own eyes what Jeremiah predicted come to pass, and be saved through it),’ declares the Lord.'”

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