Tanak Foundations-Concepts on the Natzal (Rapture)-Conclusion

We are coming up to when the Natzal or “gathering” will take place. We know it will happen on a Rosh Ha Shanah but we don’t know when. It may be a year from now, or several years. Until that day, the world will be getting worse and worse, and that includes the United States. There will be more trouble coming, leading up to the Birth-pains and we need to prepare spiritually by being able to hear Yehovah and being able to discern the truth. We will also need to prepare physically in case there are food and other shortages.

Some believe that the wrath of God does not come onto the earth until the mid-point of the Birth-pains, or Tribulation, but that is not true. First, we have the Natzal (Rapture) on the first day of the Day of the Lord called Rosh Ha Shanah. Then a few days later we have the destruction of the USA with tremendous casualties. Many who are American will be out of the country, like tourists, the military, business people and those who have been led by God to leave, etc. Some will align with Europe for the most part while others will go to Israel. Then the Birth-pains begin about Tishri 10.

In the first three years of the Birth-pains we will have a war between Europe and Russia, so there will be many casualties in this war. In the second year, besides the war between Europe and Russia, there will be war in the Middle East. An Arab confederacy will attack Israel. In the third year Russia will attack Israel in the war of Gog and Magog (Russia). They have been winning their war against Europe and feel confident enough to go into the Middle East. The death toll will be very high again, but God intervenes to destroy the Russian armies.

The False Messiah, who leads Europe, who was losing the war with Russia, will take advantage of the Russian defeat and will invade Russia because the Russian army is non-existent, and he defeats what is left and controls the Russians now. So, we have one major war after another in the first three and a half years of the Birth-pains, plus all the other terrible events like disease and famine that will take place. The wrath of God is not just the last three and a half years of the Birth-pains.

So, let’s do a summary of the various events. We have provided some (not all) of the Scriptures that talk about these events already. The Natzal (Rapture, Gathering) will occur on Rosh Ha Shanah, year 6001 from creation. This is very soon. The righteous dead will be resurrected along with the living righteous, called the “apostasia” in 2 Thes 2.3. The 144,000 will see the Natzal and hear the shofar and believe in Yeshua immediately, like Paul. They will be anointed by Yehovah to deliver the Basar (good news) to Israel first during the first half of the Bisth-pains (1260 days), then they will take it the world during the last half of the Birth-pains (1260 days).

The Coronation of the Messiah will take place in heaven, attended by the newly arrived believers in the Natzal. The Wedding of the Messiah will also take place in heaven, also attended by the believers. The Bride and Groom enter into the Chuppah for seven years (a shavuah). This seven years corresponds to the seven years of the Birth-pains on earth. All of these events will take place on Rosh Ha Shanah, year 6001, and the Day of the Lord (1000 years) has begun. This period is also called the Lord’s Day, Millennium, the Atid Lavo or the Messianic Kingdom.

On earth, the Chevlai Shell Mashiach (Birth-pains of the Messiah) will begin ten days later on Tishri 10. Within these ten days the USA will be destroyed. The earth will move out of its current orbit slightly causing the year to be 360 days like before. This is nothing for the Lord and has done it before. He may use the cataclysmic events surrounding the destruction of the North American continent to do this, or just do it himself. Either way, the calendar goes back to a 360 day year and that is scriptural.

The fear and panic from the destruction of the USA brings the False Messiah to power over Europe. He signs a military treaty with Israel. The first 1260 days of the Birth-pains are directed towards Israel. Israel will turn to Yeshua as the Messiah after Yehovah defeats the invasion of God and Magog and her allies. This will be around Yom Kippur going into the fourth year of the Birth-pains. Six months later it will be Nisan 10 and the exact halfway point of the Birth-pains. The Abomination of Desolation has already been set up about 30 days prior, around the festival of Purim.

During the previous six months (Tishri 10 to Nisan 10) the False Messiah has defeated the remnants of the Russian army and has now become the most powerful ruler in the world. On Nisan 10, the exact halfway point of the Birth-pains, the False Messiah will declare himself to be God in the Temple and will kill the Two Witnesses and their bodies will lie in the streets for three and a half days. This brings us up to noon on Passover (Nisan 14), when their bodies will be resurrected before everyone and rise into the heavens. The Jews flee into the Jordanian wilderness for 1260 days, or Yom Kippur, year 6008. They will be protected and provided for there by Yehovah.

The last three and a half years (1260 days) are now directed to the non-Jews in the world. The numbers that have become believers in the entire seven years is innumerable, and this will include Jews and non-Jews. The latter half of the Birth-pains will see the False Messiah pursue the Jews and non-Jews who believe in the wilderness. He will also be persecuting other believers in Yeshua who keep the Torah and elsewhere (Rev 12.17), and making war. Other nations will come against the False Messiah and he will retreat to Israel because he will be losing these battles (Dan 11.40-45). Yeshua returns with the clouds of heaven on Rosh Ha Shanah to Mount Sinai (Deut 33.1-5) and begins to move north to Jerusalem following the same route Moses took when he brought the children of Israel to the land.

Yeshua is joined by the believers who have been surviving in the wilderness, from Mount Sinai in the south to Pella in the north. Yeshua arrives in Jerusalem on Yom Kippur, year 6008. He defeats the False Messiah and the False Prophet, their armies, and those fighting against them. The unrighteous are gathered first from around the world to Jerusalem. The righteous are also gathered from around the world to Jerusalem. This brings the exile to an end. For the next five days there is a judgment.

The False Messiah and the False Prophet are slain, and the unrighteous are slain in the Valley of Decision, also known as the Valley of Yehoshaphat (Yehovah is Judge). This is the Hinnom Valley, also known as “Gei Hinnom” or Gehenna. The birds of the air and the beasts of the field return to consume the corpses of the unrighteous slain. This is called the “Feast of Leviathan.” On Tishri 15, year 6008, the Festival of Sukkot begins and believers gather for the celebration of the Wedding Supper. The parables of Yeshua define the events of the Birth-pains of the Messiah. Now we are going to deal with Matt 7.21-23 as promised.

Matt 7.21-22 says, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven (Torah observant). Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name cast out demons, and in your name perform miracles?'” There are people today who fit this description. People say they believe in prophesying, casting out demons and miracles in the name of Jesus. However, not everything that goes on out there is from God. In fact, truth be known, most of it is not from God.

A believer in Yeshua will not be involved in Replacement Theology of any kind, at least not for very long. The belief that Christianity or any other religion has replaced Israel, or man’s traditions have replaced the Torah, or holidays that have replaced the festivals of God is not from Yehovah. Many congregations out there teach this and if a person is a true believer there will be a voice within them that will tell them, “This isn’t right.” They will feel more and more uncomfortable in a congregation like that and will depart.

If one has a concept that God is finished with the Jewish people or the Torah commands, it isn’t from God. The Jewish people have been created by God through the Fathers, with promises, and the non-Jews have been grafted into the Olive Tree (Israel) and those promises.

Matt 7.23 continues, “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.'” Yeshua doesn’t say, “I once knew you” but he says he “never” knew them. The people described were never believers. So, let’s look at the word for “lawlessness” or “iniquity” (KJV). The word used for the Torah in Greek is “nomos.” The word or “lawlessness” is the Greek word “anomos” meaning “Torah-less.” In 2 Thes 2 we have the False Messiah described as “the man of lawlessness” in verse 3, and the “lawless one” in verse 8. That is the word “anomos.” The False Messiah is the one who is without the Torah and in the state of “lawlessness” (Torah-less-ness). This doctrine of “without or no Torah” is coming from Ha Satan (2 Thes 2.8-9).

If a person is a true believer (not a head knowledge believer) and you know that you have received eternal life and God has redeemed you, then you have been given the righteousness of God and you know it doesn’t come from being Torah observant.

If one is against the Torah then you are not a true believer according to the Scriptures. Many have been instructed and told that the Torah has been “done away with” and they are “free from the Law” but if they are a true believer, they will realize that isn’t true. For a start, they will begin to move towards the Torah and start observing the Sabbath, learning about God’s festivals and eschatological plan and they will move away from eating what God has forbidden. This goes for Jews as well. They must believe in Yeshua and keep the commandments as they apply, too (1 Cor 7.17-19).

For instance, in Acts 19 we have Jews who believe but they have not received the Ruach Ha Kodesh since they were immersed in John’s baptism (repentance) and awaited the Messiah. The year is 58 A.D. and 28 years after the death and resurrection of Yeshua. When they heard about Yeshua they were immersed again in the name of Yeshua, which means in his authority, with all the benefits of the Kingdom of God that are available to true believer. God sent Paul to Ephesus in order to bring the news of Yeshua to them.

The doctrine of the Natzal (Rapture/Gathering) is throughout the Scriptures and within the context of the Tanak and the biblical festivals of Lev 23. We have made an attempt to go back and put some of these concepts together, so be strong and study what we have presented and rise up to the next level, and be comforted with these words (1 Thes 4.18).

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