The Birth-pains of the Messiah-Part 4

We have reached the half-way point of the Birth-pains, so let’s do a quick review before we move on. The last 1000 year period of the 7000 year plan of God is called the “Day of the Lord” or “Lord’s Day.” The weekly seventh day Sabbath is a picture of this period, that is why it has never been “done away with” by the Lord. That was done by man through unbelief and an aversion to anything Jewish. This “last day” begins on a Rosh Ha Shannah, year 6001 from creation. Nobody really knows where we are, as far as the years from creation go, and all the calendars are off. What we do know is that we are getting close. Before this Rosh ha Shannah happens, there are things that we should look for. We should look for a Red Heifer in Israel, changing Russian politics to be more aggressive, oil in Israel, Jews obtaining the Temple Mount and deteriorating Israeli politics and talk of two Jewish states. When Rosh Ha Shannah happens, this will be the day the believers will be resurrected and those alive will be caught up to heaven to be present at the coronation and wedding of Yeshua (Rev chapters 4-5). Temple services will begin with the altar in Jerusalem, but the foundation of the Temple will not be laid yet (Ezra 3.1-6). The 144,000, who are probably in America right now, leave America before Tishri 8 because the United States will be attacked and destroyed by Russia on that day (Jer 50 and 51; Isa chapters 13,14,18,21,24,47,48; Psa 137). On Tishri 9 the false messiah takes control of Europe within 24 hours because with America gone they are in apanic, thinking they are next (Dan 7.15-28; Rev 17.12-13). On Tishri 10, or Yom Kippur, the false messiah makes a military treaty with Israel, which begins the seven years of the chupah, or “sheva chupah” and the first day of the seven year Birth-pains. The first year there will be a gradual buildup of hostilities and troubles in the world and the Temple is being built. Syria begins to cause some problems in Israel, along with the Northern state of Israel. The 144,000 and the two witnesses begin their ministry in Israel On Yom Kippur, year 6001. In the second year, some Arab nations attack the second Jewish state in the north, cutting Israel in half. A conspiracy begins to form and Damascus is destroyed (Isa 17). Israel begins to relax which sets up the conspiracy in the third year. The Temple is being built and the 144,000 and the two witnesses continue to preach in Israel. In the third year of the Birth-pains, Russia will mediate a temporary peace in the middle east, but this is to trick Israel. With the threat of terrorism reduced, Israel let’s down her guard and the conspiracy hatched in Heshbon, Jordan, is released. Russia turns on their allies and destroys these Arab nations and sets the stage for their invasion of Israel. At the end of the third year, on Rosh Ha Shannah, Russia invades Israel and is destroyed by Tishri 10, or Yom Kippur, ten days later. Europe, who has been fighting a conventional war with Russia for three years, takes advantage and destroys Russia. As a result, the false messiah becomes THE world leader, but only for awhile. From this day, Tishri 10, there are six more months till the half way point of the Birth-pains. With the Russian defeat, Israel now believes in Yeshua as their Messiah (Ezek 39.22). They begin to bury the dead from the invasion. On Adar 10, thirty days before the mid-point of the Birth-pains, the false prophet, who will be a pope or a high ranking cardinal of the Catholic Church, will set up the Abomination of Desolation in the Temple for 1290 days (Adar 10 to Tishri 10-Dan 11.31 12.11; Dan 9.27; Matt 24.15-22). There will be two statues erected most likely, a crucifix and the other a statue of Mary as co-redemptrix. If you count 1260 days from Yom Kippur of the first year, the exact half-way point of the Birth-pains will be Nisan 10. Year four of the Birth-pains is seen in the reign of King Manasseh. Nisan 10 is the day that Yeshua rode into Jerusalem on the donkey and colt, declaring himself the Messiah. This will be the day that the false messiah will declare himself “Jesus” and declare himself God in the Temple (2 Thes 2). He will outlaw the Temple services and the Jews will flee to the Jordanian wilderness, where they are helped by Jordan. A large group goes to Petra and others go to the many valleys in Jordan. This follows the pattern set by Elijah who fled to Pella and the Jabbok River, and David who fled to the Arnon. Believers in 70 A.D. fled to Pella before the Romans destroyed Jerusalem (Dan 7.25; Dan 9.27; Dan 11.31,32,45; 2 Thes 2.1-12; Mark 13.14-23; Isa 16.5; Ezek 37.26-27; Rev 12.14; 1 Kings 17.3, 19.4; 2 Sam 17.27). The two witnesses will be killed on Nisan 10 and resurrected mid-day on Passover (Rev 11.3-13). With their work finished in Israel, the 144,000 are sent to the Gentile nations to deliver the Basar (good news) of Yeshua and teach about what is happening during these bitter times, following the pattern seen in the Scriptures (Acts 1.7-8; Matt 28.19-20; Micah 5.7-9; Isa 48.20; Isa 52. 7-12; Isa 6.1-13; Jer 1.1-5; Mark 13.10; 2 Kings 9-25). The false messiah will attempt to go after the Jews fleeing to Jordan by sending army, but they will be destroyed. Other attempts to go after them will also fail (Rev 12.15-16). The false messiah will relocate his forces and headquarters in Israel because Europe has been devastated by war and he now claims to be “Jesus.” (Jer 46; Ezek 29; Ezek 32; Dan 11.40-45; Isa 19). Christianity, the religion behind the false messiah and the false prophet, will claim to be the true Israel while the 144,000 work among the nations. This will be a clear battle between the virtuous woman and the harlot. The false messiah will declare war on all true believers. Year five can be seen in the reign of King Amon (2 Kings 21.19-25; 2 Chr 33.21-25). The 144,000 are still working among the nations and the false messiah is still hunting down true believers. A European army is maintained by the false messiah and tries to get at the Jews in Jordan, but the Lord protects them just like he did in the Exodus. There is heavy idolatry in Israel because of the false prophet and Christianity. The false messiah will institute laws concerning the festivals and seasons, buying and selling, the “mark” of the false messiah (666). Oriental armies march out of the east to attack the false messiah who is now in Israel and the middle east (Ezek 29,30,31,32; Rev 9.13-16; 14.14-20; 16.10-16). African armies from the south will move to attack the false messiah also (Dan 11.40-45). Events of year six are alluded to in the reign of King Josiah (2 Kings 22.22 through 23.33; 2 Chr chapters 34 and 35). The 144,000 continue to work among the nations and the false messiah continues to persecute believers. Many non-Jews will turn away from the false messiah and believe in Yeshua. These non-Jewish believers will be Torah observant and against idolatry. A non-Jewish army of believers in Yeshua goes to fight the false messiah at Megiddo. The false messiah will be on his way to reinforce the remainder of the Russian army who are being attacked by he Oriental armies coming his way. The believers will be defeated (Ezek 32.11-16; Rev 9.13-16; 14.14-20; 16.10-16; 2 Kings 23.28-30; 2 Chr 35.20-22; Dan 11.29-33; Dan 7.21-25). This brings us up to the final significant Rosh Ha Shannah to Yom Kippur of the Birth-pains. This seventh year can be seen in the reigns of Yehoiahaz, Yehiachim, Yehoiachin and Zedekiah (2 Kings 23.34 through 25.7; 2 Chr 36). The 144,000 continue to work among the nations and the false messiah hunts down believers. There will be a great move among the Gentiles as they move away from the false messiah. The Oriental armies continue to move towards Israel and the false messiah and meet in a battle near Haran. The armies of the orient will be victorious. They will continue to move and there will be another battle at Carchemish, and again the orient will win. As the Oriental armies move, there will be battles in Jordan between them and the armies of the false messiah in Jordan who have been after the Jews hiding there and protected by God. The false messiah loses these battles and retreats to Jerusalem where the siege of Jerusalem begins. The African and Oriental armies begin to attack the false messiah within the city, and half of Jerusalem falls (2 Kings 24.7; Jer 46.1-28; Zech 12 through 14; Rev 11.2; Dan 11.40-45; Joel 3.9-17; Joel 2.15-16; Zech 14.1-13). We will pick up here in Part 5 with the return of Yeshua to Jerusalem at the end of the seventh year and what happens after he returns, including the capture of the false messiah and the false prophet, the judgment of the nations, the feast of Leviathan and the building of Ezekiels Temple.

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