The Book of Micah-Part 9

This chapter deals with the deterioration of the government, and is very similar to Isa 3.1-26. This chapter also gives us a glimpse into the conditions in Israel during the first three and a half years of the Birth-pains.

Micah 3.1…The Lord speaks to the leaders of Judah and Benjamin, the two southern tribes (Jer 26.28) and tells them that they should know justice, or what is right.

Micah 3.2…They loved evil and hated good, the exact opposite of what they should have been. In their lust for gain, they acted like wild beasts, tearing the flesh off of their victims.

Micah 3.3…They ate the flesh of God’s people like cannibals and stripped off their skin and broke their bones for themselves, they “squeezed” the people for everything they could get. This is a metaphor, but today this would be called “good business.”

Micah 3.4…When judgment comes, they will cry out to the Lord but the Lord will not answer, he will hide his face because they have practiced evil.

Micah 3.5…The Lord now talks to the false prophets who are leading the people astray by prophesying prosperity. But against the true prophets, who don’t feed them what they want, they declare war.

Micah 3.6…Because if this, the false prophets will not be given understanding and light (Isa 8.20). The darkness of judgment will overtake them and they will not offer any “divination” of peace and prosperity anymore. The favor they had with the people will be like the sun going down because the people will realize they have been lied to. Eschatologically, this will be the case with many during the Birth-pains when people begin to realize that the false teachers and prophets in Apostate Christianity have been lying to them all along.

Micah 3.7…The seers will be ashamed because their prophecies have proven false. They will be put to shame and won’t even show their faces. They will stop prophesying and will no longer profess to hear from God, and be totally silenced.

Micah 3.8…On the other hand, Micah is full of the inspiration of the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and the light of understanding, and with justice and courage, he will make known to Jacob what they have done.

Micah 3.9…As an example of his boldness, he speaks again to the leaders in the land and denounces them for their evil and begins to bring more charges.

Micah 3.10…They repaired the Temple or ornamented the palaces in Jerusalem with money and supplies they have stolen from the people. The Targum Yonaton Ben Uzziel says “who built their houses in Zion with bloodshed, and Jerusalem with deceit.”

Micah 3.11…The leaders charged bribes for favorable judgment, and the priests had an inheritance to live on from the Lord, but they were not satisfied with that, so they charged people for their teaching. The prophets also charged for a favorable prophecy. This type of thing is rampant in America among the so-called “clergy.” Musicians will come to the churches “for a price” and false prophets would not dare speak a bad “prophecy” about the people or church they come to (and paid by). We have seen over and over again where “prophets” come in and tell the people what they want to hear, even though what those people are doing is contrary to the Lord and his Torah.
The people in Micah’s time did not think that judgment was coming and they were safe and secure because the Temple still stood among them and they believed that the Lord was there, with the Ark, mercy seat and the Cherubim. There are people today who think that America will not be destroyed because it is “God’s home plate” (an actual quote) and because “the gospel goes forth to all the world from here” but this is also a delusion. They may prophesy that judgment is coming, but it’s total destruction is not taught.

Micah 3.12…But because of their sins listed above, judgment will come to Zion, the city of David, and to Jerusalem, the other part of the city. Even the “house” (which is the Temple) will be destroyed and Mount Moriah will be a “bamot” or high place for brambles, wild bushes and weeds.

In Part 10 we will pick up with Micah 4 and it will get very eschatological because it begins with what will happen in the “Acharit Yamin” (the latter days), one of the major phrases dealing with the Jewish eschatology.

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