The Real Agenda of the Vatican

There are many who have a hard time understanding why the Vatican and the Pope seem to side with the Palestinians and those opposing the nation of Israel. In May, 2015, Pope Francis called the leader of the Palestinians an “angel of peace” which is a curious choice of words.

Now, why would a Christian leader say that? It is very simple to understand when you know the real agenda of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. This is not meant to offend anyone who is a Catholic, but to warn them that they are a part of something that is not from God. There is a system of theology called Replacement Theology, Supersessionism or Fulfillment Theology. This system teaches that the Christian Church has replaced Israel as the chosen people and that the Torah of Moses has been replaced by the New Testament. This is a core tenet of the Catholic Church, who we will refer to by simply saying the Vatican or RCC, but this has been adopted by Protestant Churches as well.

This teaching goes back centuries (for a complete study on Replacement Theology, go to the teaching called “Replacement Theology” on this website). By replacing Israel, the Church is now the “New Israel” and so the Vatican wants Israel to lose control over Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the holy sites and other places so that the promises to the literal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be applied to the “New Jerusalem” consisting of the Roman Catholic Church, the “mother” of Christianity.

By Israel having control over the land, Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and holy sites, it shows that the claims of Rome of being the “New Israel” are not legitimate and worse yet, the Bible should not be interpreted literally when God promises the land and Jerusalem to the Jewish people, the literal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The only way the Vatican can claim these promises for themselves is to interpret them allegorically. According to the theology of the Vatican, there is no room for the restoration of Israel back into the land. Many prominent Protestant teachers have said the same thing.

In contrast to Replacement Theology, some teach what is called the “Dual Covenant” which says the Jews obey the Torah and can be saved by faith, and the Christians are saved by faith in “Jesus.” This is taught by a major television preacher and author, but that is another story.

Now, how can the Vatican claim to be the New Jerusalem and rightful heir to the “Kingdom of God” if the Jewish people are still in the land and controlling Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and other holy sites! How are they ever going to convince the world that their theological view is correct when the promises of God are being literally fulfilled right in front of their eyes to the Jewish people.

So, the real agenda of the Vatican is to destabilize the area as much as they can, and convince the United Nations, the United States and other countries that the Vatican should take control over Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and holy sites. Any peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians is just a good cover to hide the real agenda that is being planned in the backrooms of the Vatican.

There is no room in Vatican theology for a vibrant State of Israel. To have Israel in control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount is a slap in the face to the replacement theology of the RCC (and protestantism). So, they must undermine Israeli stability, and any violence involving Jerusalem, the Temple Mount or holy sites falls right into the best interests of the RCC.

The Vatican hopes to seize control of Jerusalem, especially what is called “the old city”, out of the hands of Israel. That is why they support the fact that the Palestinians have control over the old city of Jerusalem, which involves the Temple Mount. Their agreement has been that the Vatican come into Israel and take over the religious sites and to control the city. This isn’t because they have such a heart against violence, it is because Israel cannot have control, according to their theology of replacement.

What they want to do is take the old city of Jerusalem and its holy sites away from Israeli control by trying to broker a deal that will transfer Jewish property into the hands of a foreign people, and to instigate any process that will destabilize Jewish ownership over these holy sites like the Temple Mount.

Now, if anyone wants to remember, the RCC is the leading Christian Church. Protestant leaders and televangelists meet with the Pope all the time. But, the Roman Catholic Church and her daughters in the Christian/Protestant Church, are part of the legacy of Rome, who conquered Jerusalem, and are trying to conquer it again. Rome exiled the Jews and utterly destroyed the land, the Temple and the holy places. All the churches, not just the Catholic ones, that exist in the land can thank this destruction of the land and the people for their existence there. Christianity wants, and needs, things to stay that way.

Many artifacts and treasures from the Second Temple and synagogues can be found in the basement of the Vatican, confiscated over the years and never returned. The real agenda of the Vatican is to gain control over the holy places and Jerusalem because there is no room in its theology for a literal Israel.

The Catholics teach that they are the “true Israel” so they have a right to these places. They will try to undermine the stability of Israel in any way they can. Islam basically believes the same thing. That is why the Dome of the Rock is on the Temple Mount. They believe this shows the supremacy of Islam over the God of the Jews. However, we also know that the Dome of the Rock will be removed, making way for the Temple to be built. This will not only infuriate the Muslims, but the Vatican won’t like it either.

That is why the False Messiah will put an end to Jewish worship in the Temple in the Birth-pains. The false prophet, who we believe will be a Pope or a high ranking Vatican official, will claim that the false messiah should be worshipped, even putting a crucifix and a statue of Mary in the Temple. This is called the Abomination of Desolation.

So, all that is going on today is setting the plate for further prophetic events in the future. Hopefully, this will help you understand the real agenda of the Vatican.

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