The Second Coming of the Messiah-Part 6

Many have been taught about the Birth-pains, but we are going to begin to discuss why they start. Russia is going to attack America and it will be very sudden, very violent and there will be no survivors. Russia is trying to stabilize itself and wants Middle Eastern oil. Desert Storm taught Russia this: You can invade anywhere and not get a big resistance, like the Ukraine recently. However, if you invade Kuwait, the USA will respond because you don’t mess with the oil. What king goes to war and doesn’t count the cost. If you are going to rob a house, you must first bind the strongman. If Russia wants the oil, she will need to deal with some major nations, like the USA, Europe and Israel. How do you take out the USA? They said ancient Babylon couldn’t be taken, but that city fell in one day. Only the Lord knows how this will happen (possibly nuclear?), but it will happen.

After the USA is dealt with, they will attack Europe next, but they will not use nuclear weapons because it is too close to home, so she will fight a conventional war. During their war with Europe, Russia will control Northern Israel, but can’t attack in fullness because of the Masada Complex and Russia wants the oil fields. So, Russia must somehow put Israel at ease so that she will be at rest (Ezek 38.11). Israel must let their guard down. But, how do they get Israel at ease? There will be a conspiracy and this conspiracy sets up the war with God and Magog. This confederacy and conspiracy is talked about in Isa 8.12, Psa 83.3-8 and Ezek 38.6. Jordan is friendly towards Israel now, so what could make them change? Since 1967, the Temple Mount was given to Jordan by Moishe Dayan. It will be in the hands of the Israelis during the Birthpains (Matt 24.15; 2 Thes 2). The sacrifices begin on Tishri 1, year 6001 from creation (Ezra 3.6). The Red Heifer will be slain on Elul 24, seven days before the Natzal, or “rapture” (Hag 1). Whenever they take over, this will come in conflict with the Jordanians and all Islamic peoples. The third holiest Islamic spot on earth is the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. The Dome of the Rock is not the most important spot on the Temple Mount, contrary to what many believe. When the Al Aqsa is dismantled, along with the Dome of the Rock (by God or whoever), it will cause these Islamic nations to conspire against Israel. There is little chance that the Jews will share the Temple Mount with these two Islamic sites, so that can be dismissed. Some prophecy teachers believe they will, but that is not likely.

Now, in Jer 48.47 you will see a term “the latter days” and that is “acharit yamim” in Hebrew. It is one of two terms that refer to eschatology. The other is “Ikvot ha Mashiach” which means “footsteps of the Messiah. So, whenever you see these terms it gives us a time frame to work with, like in Jer 48.47. In Jer 48.2 the conspiracy is devised in Hesbon, Jordan and it is the same conspiracy as Psa 83.4, “Come, let us wipe them (Israel) out as a nation.” This is nearly word for word out of the PLO charter. Hamas is the worst of the terrorists, but can’t operate in Palestinian Territory. They have moved into Jordan, right across from Jericho, near Heshbon. Jordan has been traditionally against the PLO. They have been driven out of there, and then went to Lebanon. Israel drove them out of Beirut in the early 80’s. Jordan did not want to fight against Israel in 1967 and 1973, but did because of Arab pressure. In 1973, before the Yom Kippur war, Jordan warned Israel of an impending attack, but Golda Meir and Moishe Dayan didn’t believe the warning. Jordan earnestly wants peace with Israel. They would move on Hamas but they hide in neighborhoods and infiltrate because they are not an army, but an “organization.” There are two main Arab governments. You have the House of Saud, and the Hashamites, which is Jordan and Iraq. In the past, King Hussein of Jordan was related to Saddam Hussein of Iraq. They were bound by an Arab code of honor. They were “beduin” and the Bible refers to this group when you read about “the black tents.” Britain gave the Hashemites Jordan and the Saudi’s Arabia. This was in reward for helping the British in World War I. The movie “Lawrence of Arabia” is about this alliance. They also helped the British against the Vichey French in Syria during World War II. This confederacy is under Jordanian control, and their goal is to destroy Israel.

Obadiah 6-7 talks about how someone in the alliance deceives them. Ezek 38.6-10 it talks about an evil plan that is devised. Isa 10.5-6 says the goal is to “rob” and to “seize the spoil.” Ezek 38.12 says that is why Gog and Magog come. Russia will attack Israel, with other nations (Isa 10.7). Ezek 38.11 says that Israel is a land at rest. After Camp David in the 1970’s, Egypt was no longer a threat in the south, so defenses were relaxed. Money was saved and there was peace. Jordan hasn’t been a problem on the east, either. Russia will plot this war, and will recruit the Arabs as “bullet absorbers” which is nothing new. Israel has to be at ease, and the only way they can feel this way is to be “free from terrorists.” The plot is this. Russia will tell the Arabs to disarm, no terrorists, and to tell the Arabs to “stand down” with no attacks on Israel, for now. With Syria gone (Isa 17), Israel will be “lulled to sleep” and feeling at ease. Ezek 38.14 says that Russia will know when Israel is vulnerable. In the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the soldiers were gone, no communications, no TV, no radio, cars, taxi’s, trains or jets. Everything was shut down because it was Yom Kippur. The soldiers were fasting for 24 hours. But the Arabs (backed by the Russians) made an error attacking on Yom Kippur. If they would have done it on Rosh ha Shannah ten days earlier, the people would have been camping and scattered on vacation. They usually go south to Sinai. They would have never gotten the reserves up to the Golan and the main line of attack in time.

In Artscroll’s “Ezekiel” it says that the Jews fully expect the war of Gog and Magog to be in Tishri, and be over by Sukkot. The victory over Gog and Magog will result in the redemption of Israel (Ezek 39.22) and that is why this war is important in Jewish eschatology. Now, remember we have talked about two Yom ha Din’s (days of judgment), Rosh ha Shannah and Yom Kippur. In the Scriptures, in the courtroom scenes it is always Rosh ha Shannah, unless the context indicates otherwise, then it is Yom Kippur. This is a basic mistake most Bible teachers of prophecy make because they don’t have the first clue about Jewish eschatology in the Scriptures, or the idioms, phrases or concepts associated with them. This is an important thing to remember. For example, Micah 1.2 is Rosh ha Shannah and Isaiah 1.2 is Yom Kippur. Both deal with the invasion of Assyria (Russia, Gog and Magog). Isa 1.3-9 is linked to Romans chapters 9 through 11. In these verse it is past tense, Israel has been attacked and Jerusalem alone remains (v 8). It is Yom Kippur of the third year of the Birthpains (Isa 36). Micah 1 is Rosh ha Shannah. The Assyrians are coming down the Via Maris and are engaged in the Shephelah Valley, working its way towards Jerusalem, so it is not Yom Kippur yet. So, the context will tell you what the time frame is and what festival. Isa 1.12-17 is directly linked to Isa 58.1-14, another Yom Kippur passage. Isa 1.18-20 is a Yom Kippur passage, linked to the Yom Kippur services, Messiah and what happens to the false messiah. In Part 7, we will pick up here and talk about the Yom Kippur ceremony and how it relates to Gog and Magog, the false messiah and the coming of Yeshua.

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