White Feather Ministries is a research and educational site that produces materials that help a believer understand the Scriptures and related topics from a first century Hebraic perspective. In other words, how would the Scriptures have been understood by the people reading them in the time of Yeshua and the Talmidim. This will include many topics, concepts, phrases and idioms which will enhance the understanding of the reader and convey the meaning that was originally intended. By turning back to the ancient paths (Jer. 6.16) we will be able to equip the believer to accurately proclaim the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah to others and to be a support in our community and around the world.

The Hebrew word “tikun” means “to repair” and we are going to try to repair the ancient ruins, walls and gates, like Nehemiah did. But first we need to clear away the spiritual “rubble” from all the years of false teaching. Then we can lay a foundation of what the Scriptures are saying, then build on it and progress in whatever subject or concept we are bringing forth. People perish for a lack of “the” knowledge” (Hos 4.6), whether it is the festivals, prophecy and eschatology, immersions, tithing, the Kehilat or whatever.

People do not know the Scriptures. The “exceptional” believer today thinks he knows the Bible, but doesn’t know the Torah or the Prophets. So, people are tossed and turned by erroneous doctrines. Tikun (“to repair” the section of the wall the Lord has given us) will be accomplished by publishing Bible Studies and teachings on this site, writing articles concerning current events relating to Bible Prophecy and giving general instruction on a variety of topics. All Scripture references will be out of the New American Standard Bible or the King James Bible unless otherwise noted. We will “challenge everything” that you may have been taught, but with an attitude of trying to bring understanding to the Word of God.