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To fully develop this concept, it would take hours and hours because there is so much in the Scriptures about it. For a more detailed look into this subject, we refer you to our four-part teaching called, “Is America Babylon” on this website. However, we will present a short course on the concept that the United States may be represented by the ancient land of Babylon in prophecy. There is a concept in prophetic studies that says, “That which has been done, will happen again” and “There is nothing new under the sun, that which has happened before will happen again (Ecc 1.9, 3.15).”

There is an eschatological term seen in the Scriptures called “the last days” or the “acharit yamim” and this alludes to when the Messiah comes in Jewish thought, and ancient names for countries can be applied to nations that are in existence in the last days. For instance, Egypt will stand for Europe, Assyria will stand for Russia, and Babylon will stand for the United States, and of course, Israel is Israel. The rabbi’s over two thousand years ago said that Assyria is Gog and Magog, and bible scholars over a hundred years ago identified Gog and Magog as Russia (H.A. Ironside for instance). Now, we are not going to develop all that here, but the information is out there for you to develop. There are things to look for in these prophecies that will describe what these countries will be like, and when you compare that with today, it is very clear. Keep in mind, that there is a concept in prophecy called a “double-reference prophecy. ” In addition, one must be familiar with the four levels of interpretation called “Pardes.” This is where we have the Peshat (literal or simple), Remez (hint or how certain scriptures are “glued” together), Drash (explore and ask), and Sowd (secret, hidden) levels.

There are many chapters about Babylon, but we will deal with several in particular. Jer 50 and 51 are two important chapters describing Babylon, or the United States, plus some in Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Revelation. So we will take a short look. For expediency, we will list the description found in the Scriptures and let you conclude for yourself who this is talking about.

Babylon is described as: a rich, economic giant (Jer 51.13; Rev 18); last of the nations, or as the rabbis interpret this verse in Hebrew, “last of the great Gentile nations in the last days”-Jer 50.12; very powerful, with defenses that reach into the heavens (Jer 51.53); a large Jewish population lives there (Jer 50.8, 16, 28, 51.6, 9, 45, 50; Rev 18.4; Isa 48.20); established on the word of God and departed (Jer 50.21); anti-semitism in the land (Jer 50.7); called the “land of liberty” and “land of plenty” in Ezek 23.23 (look up the meaning of the words “Shoa” and “Koa”); land of mingled people (Jer 50.16 and 50.37); sits on many waters (Jer 51.13); a treacherous dealer (Isa 21.2); filled with pride (Isa 47.10); covetous (Jer 51.13); a land of idols (Jer 50.38); a hammer (policeman, enforcer) of the earth (Jer 50.23); nations stream into it (Jer 51.44); a land of forts (marshes in Babylon were forts and defenses-Jer 51.32); called a “whore” (“broad” in Hebrew is “rahav” which in this case alludes to a prostitute; but can mean a broad or wide wall, or Egypt-Jer 51.58); Russia is an enemy (Jer 51.27-look up the names mentioned there).

There are other chapters to study such as Isa 13, 14, 18, 21, 24, 47, 48, Rev 17 and 18. There are hundreds of verses about this nation, and one thing is clear, this nation is going to be destroyed in one day, leaving the world in shock. We believe that in the very near future, America is going to be attacked and destroyed by the Lord himself, using Russia, because of the sins this nation is guilty of concerning Israel, forsaking a Torah-based faith in Yeshua for Replacement Theology, how this nation has treated the world (Jer 50.11; 51.6-7) and its idolatry and abortion. It is as if the ancient gods have manifested again here.

One of the best-known symbols of the United States is the Statue of Liberty. The most commonly known idol associated with the Statue of Liberty is the Roman goddess “Libertas” associated with freedom. Some have associated it with Babylon’s Semiramis, or Venus, or the “morning star.” In short, America is represented by a graven image forbidden by the Lord in Exo 20.4. Do some research on it and you will be amazed.

We believe the timing of this coming destruction will be Tishri 8, seven days after the Natzal, or (rapture”) which occurs on Tishri 1, year 6001 from creation. The Jewish population in America must leave America for Israel before this event or be caught up in its destruction. After America is destroyed, a huge void will be left and attention will shift to Europe, where the False Messiah will be waiting to fulfill his destiny. He will be given power and authority in one hour to pull together European forces, and what remains of US forces under NATO there, in a defensive posture against Russia, fearing they are next.

There is so much on this subject, but the Scriptures are clear, that a great Gentile nation in the last days is going to be destroyed, and there will be no UN takeover of the world, or a one-world government. The United States, UN, or any globalist entity today that is maneuvering for world dominion will not be a player in the Birth-pains of the Messiah, or the “tribulation” period.

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