The Spiritual Sniper-Conclusion

The establishment of the spiritual sniper has also led to the development of spiritual sniper countermeasures to reduce the damage caused by another spiritual sniper. The spiritual sniper will look for high value targets by observing the behavior of those he is watching. As a result, spiritual sniper countermeasures must be in place to reduce the damage that another sniper can cause on a congregation, family or small unit. Once a spiritual sniper is found, the following countermeasures must be in place:

* when engaged with another sniper, its not who shoots the straightest, it’s eho shoots first
* watch anyone “with a weapon” (teaching on TV, Internet, radio, etc).
* point out obvious “firing positions” they could use to make an attack (like certain web sites, TV shows, Bible groups and teachers). These need to be guarded against. This translates into finding whatever weakness you have and make it stronger.
* maintain active “patrols” looking for signs. This means that a person can never “rest” in the fact that his life is well guarded and there are no problems. Get up in the morning and “check the perimeter” of your life in all areas, such as psychologically, financially, spiritually, emotionally and socially.
* find out what others are saying about certain “targets” and who was targeted, and interview the sources.
* if a spiritual sniper is identified, take them out of action as quickly as possible. This is done by exposing the lies they are spreading and correcting doctrinal errors. The objective is to make sure they don’t “come back” to cause trouble again.
* confirm the results of any action taken against another spiritual sniper.
* observe the behavior in people.
* a spiritual sniper against another spiritual sniper can be most effective.
* use “fire” support when one is identified. Use “smoke” to mark their position or cover your movements. In other words, come down heavy with the truth once one is found and make sure everyone knows where and who they are.
* a spiritual sniper will use a “smoke screen” to evade and hide his movements, too. By “blowing smoke” they will get you off track on what is really going on, blaming others or getting off topic. They will use accusations against those exposing them, but keep going until he is exposed.
* if under attack, take cover when necessary, hide.
* drive the spiritual sniper out where you want him.
* blend into the background, don’t draw attention to yourself. They are looking for leaders to attack so don’t be too anxious to be a leader unless the Lord calls you. But realize that the enemy spiritual sniper is looking for leaders to “take out.” Blend in, no fancy “insignias” or “salutations” that would draw attention to yourself.
* protect your spiritual supplies, keep them under cover and concealment
* listen to “friendly” spiritual snipers, they will help you know what to look for and can teach you the tactics used and the “terrain.”  When in a foreign land its hard to tell the good guys from the bad, so find yourself a shooter you can trust and join forces with them.

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