Torah and New Testament Foundations-Eschatology-Part 2

Let’s put together what we have learned so far by interpreting primarily, and working off of, Micah 5.1-5. By doing this we will be able to “remez” with many other related passages in the Scriptures. In the future, these passages in Micah will happen again when Russia invades, but Israel will be saved (Ezek 39.22) They will never turn their back as a nation again on God.

So, let’s go over some of the terms used in Part 1 and find them mentioned in Scripture. In Matt 24.3, it says, “And as he was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the talmidim came to him privately, saying, ‘Tell us, when will these things be, and what will be the sign of your coming, and the end of the age.'” They were responding to Yeshua’s statement in v 2 about not one stone will be left upon a stone in the Temple. The “end of the age” is the Olam Ha Zeh. In 1 Thes 5.1-3, it mentions the “day of the Lord” and this is the Atid Lavo. Jer 30.4-7 mentions the “time of Jacob’s trouble” and this is the “Chevlai Shell Mashiach” or the “birth-pains of the Messiah.” In Isa 13.6-9, it relates the birth-pains with the Day of the Lord. Isa 26.16-21 relates “distress” with the time of Jacob’s trouble, and therefore the birth-pains of the Messiah.

Now, in Part 1, we mentioned there are three phrases that are used for “eschatology” in Jewish thought. These three are the Acharit Yamim (last days); Ik’vot Ha Mashiach (footsteps of the Messiah) and Chevlai Shell Mashiach (birth-pains of the Messiah). These terms are also used for what people call the “tribulation” period. When you come across passages about trouble, distress or travail know that in the first century these passages dealt with that seven year period. Certain verses may have been a historical event at the time it was written, it was also prophetic. Ecc 1.9, 3.15 and Num 24.17 all relate the idea that what has been done ion the past will happen again, and that things may be “here now, but not yet” because there will be a future fulfillment. Now, don’t worry about all the passage we have gone over and are about to go over. What we want is the concepts and the terms defined.

During the first three and a half years of the birth-pains, billions on earth will die. A horrific number. There will be war with America and Russia, with Russian destroying America. There will be war between Russia and Europe. There will be war with Israel and the Arabs as well. There will be war between Israel and Russia. Then after that, it gets worse. There will be more fear among men than ever before. We are now in the period right before the birth-pains begin. Physically, a woman who is about to give birth will have contractions prematurely called Braxton-Hicks contractions. God designed the human body to teach eschatology. For instance, birth-pains have four stages called effacement, dilation, transition and expulsion. Another one is the menstrual cycle and Eden. Just as the unfertilized and “dead” egg is removed from the womb by blood, Adam and Eve were “dead” and they were removed with blood (Gen 3.21) from the womb of Creation.

We are going to get into some things now but this will not be a study on prophecy and eschatology. This will be an example on how to study anything and how to work in the Scriptures, using a prophecy and eschatology as a topic this time. If you can get down the things we will show you and the principles, you can apply them anywhere in the Bible. So, let’s go to Micah 5.1-7 and begin to define some terms. Micah 5.1 will have three applications. It applies to the Assyrians coming, it will apply to Yeshua and it will apply when the Russians attack Israel during the birth-pains. Micah 5.2 applies to the Messiah/Shepherd prophecy found in Matt 2.6. In Micah 5.3 “He” is the the Messiah and “them” is Israel “until the time” refers to the birth-pains and the seven years involved. The “remainder of his brethren” is a reference to the 144,000 (Rev 7, Rev 14). Micah 5.4 says that Messiah will “rise and shepherd his flock in the strength of the name of the Lord his God” and are Yom Kippur terms because Yom Kippur is the only day the High Priest stands and ministers in the name of the Lord.

Micah 5.5 says “this one” (Messiah) will be peace (peace has a “broken vav” in Hebrew meaning it is not complete yet. That won’t happen till the end of the Atid Lavo) This verse is during the birth-pains. Then it mentions “the Assyrian” and this refers to Russia coming during the birth-pains to destroy Israel the third year of the birth-pains. Then “we” (Israel) will raise against him (Assyria) “seven shepherds and eight leaders of men.” This is the false messiah with seven remaining leaders of his original ten coalition (Dan 7.7-8;24). They will come out of Europe. Micah 5.6 says, “Then they (false messiah and the seven leaders) will shepherd (rule over, waste the land) the land of Assyria (Russia), the land of Nimrod (Assyria in Mesopotamia) at its entrances (borders). And He (God) will deliver us from the Assyrian (Russia) when he attacks our land, and when he tramples our territory.” Europe and the false messiah will not have a hand in all of this, even though they have a security treaty with Israel. God is going to destroy Gog/Magog/Russia himself and will not share that glory with anyone. But, the false messiah will capitalize on what happens and will even be part of the lie to Israel when he declares himself God in the Temple.

The 144,000 will be in Israel preaching for the first three and a half years of the birth-pains. Once Israel believes in Yeshua as a result of their preaching and God destroying Russia, all that will change. Micah 5.7 says, “Then (after Israel believes) the remainder (remnant) of Jacob will be among many peoples the non-Jews), like dew (teaching-Deut 32.1-2) from the Lord, like showers on vegetation which do not wait for man (all God’s work).” SO, the 144,000 will be among the Diaspora and the non-Jews for the last three and a half years of the birth-pains. During this same three and a half year period, Israel will flee to the wilderness (Isa 16.1-5, 42.10; Rev 12.14-17). This wilderness is the Jordanian/Moabite wilderness, stretching from Pella in the north all the way to Petra and even to Mount Sinai in the south. So, let’s take a look at Russia from Ezek 38 and 39. In Ezek 38.1-2 we have Gog, the “prince of Rosh (Russia), Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tobolsk).” In Ezek 38.5-6 we have several nations mentioned as being allies with Gog/Magog/Russia: Persia (Iran), Ethiopia (Cush), Put (Libya), Gomer (Germanic area), Beth-Togarmah (Slavs, Serbs, Bulgaria and old Russian “satellite” nations). Where it says “and many peoples with you” refers to the alliance of nations with Assyria/Russia in Psa 83 and Oba 3-7. Ezek 38.8-9 says that this will happen in “the latter years” (acharit ha shanim) so now we have a time reference, and they will come like a “storm” and a “cloud covering the land” and this refers to a great army covering the land, like a flood or river that overflows its banks (Isa 8.5-8; Rev 12.15). The Assyrian/Russian army will come into the land like waters from a flood and these are Hebrew idioms (Jer 12.5; Rev 12.16; Isa 17.12). Ezek 38.10 tells us this will happen “on that day” which is the Day of the Lord, the last 1000 year period of the 7000 year plan we discussed in Part 1. So, now we have a another time reference. Ezek 38.10 says “on that day “(the Day of the Lord; the last 1000 year period called the Atid Lavo) they will “devise an evil plan” or enter into a conspiracy to destroy Israel, and the motive is to plunder to control the oil and other riches in the land. But their real purpose is to destroy (Isa 10.5-11) in “my indignation” which is another name for the birth-pains. Assyria was God’s instrument to turn Israel back to him. Russia will also be used to turn Israel back to him in the birth-pains.

The Arabs will attack Israel during the second year (Isa 7 through 10 during the time of Ahaz, the second king of the ten kings of Judah teaching). The Arabs and Damascus will be destroyed after Israel “pays” Russia for help and Russia will defeat the Arabs. But, Russia will enter into a secret conspiracy with Arabs to defeat Israel, but they will have to play along (Psa 83.4-8). This is intended to give Israel a feeling of security and they will begin to relax their defenses. The time that Israel will be most vulnerable is the days between Rosh Ha Shannah and Yom Kippur, known as the “Yamim Noraim” (days of awe). Russia will double-cross the Arabs, as predicted in Num 24.22 where it says, “Nevertheless Kain (Canaan, Arabs) shall be consumed, how long shall Asshur (Russia/Gog/Assyria) keep you captive?” In Part 3, we will pick up here and discuss a prophecy in the Torah about the birth-pains, Israel, the Russian invasion and the demise of the false messiah by dissecting a prophecy in Num 24.14, 21-24.

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