Torah and New Testament Foundations-Eschatology-Part 3

For the invasion of Gog/Magog/Russia, we have a time reference in Ezek 38.14, where it says “on that day.” This alludes to the Day of the Lord in eschatology. In Ezek 38.16 we have another one where it says “in the last days” which is “acharit yamim” in Hebrew. This also refers to the Day of the Lord, the last 1000 year time period of God’s 7000 year plan, called the Atid Lavo.

In Num 24.22-24, we have a major prophecy of the last days found in the Torah. It says, “Nevertheless Kain (Arab Canaan) shall be consumed (Russia will double-cross the Arab confederation in Psa 83), how long shall Asshur (Assyria, meaning “steppes” and is an allusion to Russia. Notice there will be an “Assyria” in the “last days”, as seen in v 22) keep you captive?” And he took up his discourse and said, “Alas, who can live except God has ordained it? But ships shall come from the coast of Kittim (identified as “Rome” in Dan 11.30 and in the Targum Ben Uzziel. So, this is Europe in prophecy) and they shall afflict Asshur (after Russia is defeated by God after invading Israel, God uses Europe to send fire on Russia and rule over her-Ezek 39.1-6) and afflict Eber (Israel will also be persecuted by the false messiah-Rev 12.1-17). So he (the false messiah) also shall come to destruction” (2 Thes 2.8; Dan 2.44; Rev 19.19-21). Ezek 38.18 to 39.6 describes how God defeats Russia. Isa 36 and 37 talks about how Assyria utterly defeated Judah and they had no hope. Isa 37.3 says this was a day of “distress” which is an allusion to the birth-pains of the Messiah. Judah knew they could not defeat Assyria, but we learn that God intervenes and defeats them. This will happen again. Russia will be coming against Israel and be in control. Israel has no hope. As a result, they will turn to the Lord and never turn away again (Ezek 39.22). That has never happened yet. God needed to bring the people to where they could go no further. This battle between Judah and Assyria was given to teach about a future battle. We learn in Isa 37.36 that an angel was sent and it kills the Assyrian army. In Ezek 39.1-6, we learn that as a result of the defeat of Gog/Magog/Russia, God sends “fire” on them by using the false messiah and Europe. They will control Russia at that point.

We have defined that Assyria is Russia and the Russians. In the Artscroll “Ezekiel” book, page 581, it says, “There is an oral tradition that says when Russia passes through the Bosporus on the way to the Mediterranean, through the Dardanelles, it will be time for the Messiah” (Vilna Gaon). So, let’s talk about the “seven shepherds and eight leaders of men” in Micah 5.6.

We know that Dan 9.24 says that 70 weeks have been determined for Israel and Jerusalem. 70 times 7 is 490 years. The last thing that will be accomplished is to anoint the “most holy.” This refers to the 1335 days in Dan 12.12. From the mid-point of the birth-pains (Nisan 10) and going ahead 1335 days, you come to Chanukah, 75 days after the birth-pains have ended. We also learn in Dan 9.26 that Messiah will be “cut off” and “the people of the prince who is to come (the Romans, and the false messiah will come from Rome/Europe) will come and destroy the city and the sanctuary. The false messiah confirms a covenant with Israel and promises to come to their aid in a treaty. That is where the “seven shepherds and eight leaders of men come in.

Rev 13.1 says a seven-headed beast arises out of the sea. The sea is the world at large (Rev 17.15; Isa 57.20), and this creature is known as Leviathan, a type of the false messiah (Psa 74.13; Isa 27.1; Job 41; Hab 3.13). Now, you have seven heads, ten crowns and ten horns. We learn from Dan 7.8, 20, 24 we learn that three kings are subdued, leaving seven. If you add the false messiah, you have “seven shepherds (kings) and eight leaders of men.” Rev 12.1-3 says that the Red Dragon has seven heads, ten horns and seven crowns. In Rev 13.1 it says the beast has seven heads, ten horns and ten crowns. We went from ten crowns to seven crowns. Now, let’s go to Dan 7.

Four beasts rise from the “sea” (world). We have the Lion/Babylon; the Bear/Medo-Persia; the Leopard/Greece and the Dreadful Beast/Rome. Rev 13.1-2 says this beast with ten horns, seven heads and ten crowns and it was like a leopard, a bear and a lion. The fourth beast was made up of these first three beasts. Horns are symbolic of power. In Dan 7.8, you have ten horns, then a little horn came up among them and then pulled out three horns, leaving seven. In Dan 7.19, Daniel insisted on knowing more about the fourth beast.

In Rev 17.1-3 the “scarlet beast” had seven heads and ten horns, but no crowns. A “harlot” is sitting on the beast. In Rev 17.7 it says the beast with seven heads and ten horns will be revealed. Four different passages have described this beast as a scarlet beast, full of blasphemy with seven heads and ten horns. These will make war with the Lamb (Rev 17.14). In Dan 7.21, we learn that the horn made war with the saints (tzaddikim). In Revelation, the kings made war with the saints and Messiah will overcome them. This means that there will be a period of time where the false messiah will make war against the saints and be defeating them, but later he will make war on the Lamb and the Lamb defeats him. Dan 7.22 tells us that the saints will take possession of the kingdom.

Rev 11.1-2 tells us that the city of Jerusalem is given over to the nations for 42 months (1260 days/three and a half years). Rev 13.3-5 says that the false messiah has authority to act, and that the coming of the Messiah will take away this authority. We can go backwards and see where it begins. In Rev 13.6, the false messiah blasphemes against God, and 2 Thes 2.1-4 tells us what he does (declares himself God). So, we know when this 42 month period begins and ends. For the first 42 month period of the Birth-pains, he rules over Europe. For the last 42 month period he tries to rule over the world. Something happened at the mid-point of the Birth-pains to change his position. What brought this about was Micah 5, and that is what we are going for. The “seven shepherds and eight leaders of men” are used by God to waste Russia after God defeats them in Ezek 39.1-6. We have seen the false messiah with ten horns, ten crowns and seven heads.

The Encyclopedia Judaica has a good article on “Leviathan.” Leviathan is described as a seven headed beast that arises out of the sea, just like Rev 13.1 says. It is a picture of the false messiah. In Judaism, there is a tremendous amount of “mythology” but there is nothing wrong with this. Why? You do have all sorts of mythology like Norse, Greek and Druid and so on. But, that is not what is going on here. We have a mythology of fables and stories for the purpose of teaching a point, a concept. It is not for the point of being factual, but to draw out a point being made in the Scriptures, like an “aggadah” or “parable.” In Christianity, they go into Jewish writings and take these myths as acts, but they need to have discernment. Leviathan is a mythological character. When Jews read Rev 13 and a seven headed beast arises out of the sea, they think “Leviathan, a picture of the false messiah” based on Psa 74.12-13; Isa 27.1; Hab 3.13 and Job 41. Leviathan is being described like Pharaoh in Ezek 29.1-7 and Ezek 32.1-8.

We learn in Isa 20.1-6, that Assyria is fighting Egypt and Cush for three years, and be winning. Assyria is a type of Russia, Egypt is a type of Europe. Cush is in the Mesopotamian area and synonymous with Babylon, so this would be the remnants of the United States that are in the world after the USA has been destroyed. These will align with Europe. There will be military, tourists and others trapped there when the USA is destroyed, and that is who is being referred to in Isa 20.3. So, in other words, “Russia” is fighting “Europe and the remnants of the USA” in Isa 20. Russia must be defeated by the end of the first three and a half years of the birth-pains because the ruler of Europe (the fourth beast) is ruler over most of the world for the last three and a half years. Something has to happen to Russia for the ruler of the fourth beast to have dominion over Russia. Our time is being narrowed down in Isa 20.1-6 now because there is three years of war, and Egypt (Europe) is losing to Assyria (Russia). That means that this war will happen during the first three years of the birth-pains, before Russia goes in to invade Israel in Ezek 38-39.

In Part 4, we will pick up here and develop this further. We will look at the treaty the false messiah has with Israel, and when that will be signed. We will look at when this three year war is fought, and then when Russia decides they are winning the war with Europe to feel safe enough to invade Israel. We will look at the Assyrian invasion of Israel as a picture of the coming Russian invasion So, we will develop all this and more, starting in Part 4.

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