What We Believe

Welcome to the White Feather Ministries website. This site will contain biblical articles on a variety of subjects like prophecy and eschatology, the Temple, current events, numerous articles on a variety of subjects and verse by verse Bible studies all coming from a first century Hebraic perspective.

We believe that the Bible is composed of the Torah, the Nevi’im (Prophets) and the Ketuvim (Writings), which include the writings of the first century believers in Yeshua called the Gospels and Epistles, and are the only infallible and authoritative Word of God (2 Tim 3.16).

We believe the only means of being cleansed (forgiven) from sin is by grace (unmerited favor), through faith in the shed sacrificial blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach and that regeneration by the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) is essential for personal salvation (Lev 7.11; Eph 2.8).

We believe that the faith community of Israel is composed of Jews and non-Jews who trust in Yeshua and keep his Torah (Rev 12.17). The Scriptures show the necessity of Torah as a part of ones faith in Yeshua (John 14.15; Eph 2.11-22).

We believe that the middle wall of partition, built by man-made laws and traditions, such as the 18 Edicts of the School of Shammai which separated Jews and non-Jews, has been broken down. The enmity created between Jews and non-Jews by this wall has been eradicated and torn down by Yeshua (Eph 2.12-14).

We believe that there is one God (Deut 6.4) existing in a composite unity (Hebrew “echad”) of three persons and eternally existent (Gen 1.26): Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father is the author of eternal salvation, having loved the world and gave his Son for its redemption (John 6.27; 1 Cor 1.3; Gal 1.1; Rev 3.5, 21; Jer 3.4, 19; 31.9; Mal 1.6; Matt 6.9, 32; Luke 10.21-22; John 1.14; 4.23; 5.17-26; 6.28-46; Rom 8.14-15; Dan 7.9-10).

We believe that Yeshua is God the Son (Psalm 2; Prov 30.4-6; Luke 12.35-37; John 1.29-34; 3.14-18), who became flesh and dwelt among men (John 1.14). He co-existed and is co-equal with the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Son is God and is worshiped as God, having pre-existed eternally (Psalm 110.1; Isa 9.6-7; Dan 7.13-14). He took on the nature of man through the virgin birth so that he possesses both divine and human natures.

We believe in his sinless life, his perfect obedience to the Torah, his atoning death, burial, resurrection, ascension into heaven, high priestly intercession and his personal return in power and glory (Matt 24.29-31).

We believe that the Holy Spirit is co-equal and co-eternal with the Father and Son; came upon individuals during the days before Yeshua like Moses, David and the Prophets; that he was active in the creation of all things and continues to be so; that he convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment, and that he regenerates, sanctifies, immerses, comforts, speaks, inspires, teaches, forbids, intercedes can be lied to, grieved, sinned against, resisted, insulted, comes upon in power, seals, illuminates, brings to remembrance, separates and sends out people, guides, sets elders over the people and manifests his power upon believers.

We believe that Yeshua is the promised Messiah, the agent of God and empowered by God to bring about the redemption of man and creation.

We believe the Basar (gospel) is the good news of this redemption which redeems man and the earth. We enter into that redemption by emunah (faith).

We believe that eschatology is the study of the Redemption and the Messiah. It is seen from six reference points: historical, Messiah’s first coming, Messiah’s second coming, the Birth Pains, the Atid Lavo (the Messianic Kingdom) and the Olam Haba (world to come). Eschatology is studied in the context of the festivals and the Temple and a realization that all the Tanak teaches the coming of the Messiah.

We believe you cannot look at Scripture on one level, but four, which are the Peshat=literal; Remez=hint, allegory; Drash=explore, interpret and Sowd=hidden, mystical, secret. This gives balance, and a contradiction is not seen as a contradiction because things are seen on different levels.

We believe that history is unfulfilled prophecy and prophecy is unfulfilled history (Ecc 1.9, 3.15; Rom 15.4).

We believe in the concept “here now, but not yet” when it comes to eschatology (Num 24.17) and that a prophecy is not limited in time, but that they can have numerous fulfilments until all is fulfilled in the Olam Haba.

We believe that the Torah is valid for today (2 Tim 3.16-17) and Yeshua did not come to do away with the Law (Torah) or the Prophets (Matt 5.17-19), and that the Torah contains the commandments of God.

We believe that the followers of Yeshua clearly kept the Torah as it applied (1 Cor 7.17-19), not only before his death, but afterward (Matt 5.17-19; John 14.15; John 14.21; John 15.10; Acts 21.15-26; Acts 28.17; James 1.22-25, 2.17,26; 1 John 2.3-4). The Messiah Yeshua is the goal of what the Torah (instruction) was all about (Rom 10.4). The Torah will be kept by believers during the Birth Pains and when he returns to set up the kingdom on earth (Isa 2.2-4; Isa 66.23; Micah 4.1-2; Ezek Chapters 40 through 48; Rev 12.17; Rev 14.12; Rev 22.14).

We do not believe in Replacement Theology and that Israel or the Torah have been replaced in the plan of God by any other people, religions or other covenants.

We believe that the Lord will accomplish his plan and purposes through Israel as an elect people in accordance with his promises (Acts 1.4-8; Rom 9.1-5, 11.1-35; Eph 2.11-22).

We believe that the non-Jews have a place in the plan of God and grafted into the commonwealth of Israel by grace (Eph 2.11-22), through faith in Yeshua (Eph 2.8), and will have a place in the resurrection of the righteous.

We believe there will also be a resurrection of the unrighteous (Job 14.14; 19.25-27; Dan 12.1-3; John 3.36; 11.25-26; Rev 20.1-6, 10-15; 21.7-8).

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