Who Are the Sons of God in Gen 6.2?

Gen 6.2 tells us that “the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they took wives to themselves, whoever they chose.” Genesis in Hebrew is “B’reshit” or “in the beginning” so it is a book of beginnings. It is the story of the righteous line through whom the “promised seed of the woman” would come who will defeat the “seed of the serpent.(Gen 3.15). Gen 6 continues to document Satan’s attempt to corrupt mankind and the promised seed. The Scriptures are full of examples of this. Balak hires Balaam to corrupt Israel and 24,000 fell among Israel. The sons of God in Gen 6.2 are those who are followers of Yehovah and believers, and they were intermarrying with unbelieving women (in Judges 3.6-7 the same thing happened which caused Israel to go into idolatry). There are those who believe these “sons” were angels, but that is not the case. The term “sons of God” can mean several different things. It can be a term for angels, Adam, the kings of Israel, believers and the Messiah. The context will dictate which one it is.

These can’t be angels because angels are sexless and can’t reproduce (Matt 22.30). Then you have a DNA problem and the fact that man cannot reproduce anything other than “their kind”, and that is “built into” the creation by God. Gen 6.2 gives us a clue as to what happened because it said they picked wives for themselves from “whoever they chose”, meaning anyone, and not necessarily a believer. In Gen 6.4 some say that the “Nephilim” were the offspring of these “angelic and women” unions, but the word means a bully, giant, tyrant or famous. It also says the Nephilim were men, called “mighty men” and “men of renown.” If the flood was sent to stop these offspring of angelic unions from corrupting mankind, it didn’t work because the “Nephilim” were on the earth “afterward” (Gen 6.4; Num 13.32-33). Those were the “mighty men” of old, and the Hebrew word for mighty is “gibborim” and that is the same word used to describe David’s “mighty men” in 2 Sam 23.8. In Matt 24.37-39 Yeshua said that before the flood came the people were “eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage.” This describes normal activities and there is no hint of “angelic unions”, but the indictment was the fact they were too busy to listen to the call for repentance from Noah (2 Pet 2.5), and did not “understand until the flood came and took them all away (v 38).”

It seems that if anyone would have repented, he could have been saved. Their death had nothing to do with wiping out the line of men corrupted by angels, that is biologically impossible anyway. It had to do with sin and the rejection of God’s purposes due to unbelief. Yeshua said it would be the same when “the Son of Man” returns. The simple truth of the matter is there has always been a righteous line in the earth through whom the Messiah would come. Satan has made countless efforts to stop Yeshua from being born, and to corrupt, destroy or annihilate this line through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in order to save himself and to fight against God to stop his own demise. Yehovah gives us the choice who to serve. This portion of Scripture is not referring to angels as “sons of God”, but the Godly line (Abel, Seth, etc) that was corrupted through the idolatry and paganism of the daughters of men who were unbelievers.

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